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Nevada County Airporter offers On-Demand transportation that provides door-to-door service from your home or office to the Sacramento International, San Francisco-Oakland or Tahoe-Reno International airports, Amtrak Train Stations or any special destination.


Nevada County poses special problems for air or train travel. Those traveling have to plan a trip to the airport or Amtrak station as an extra trip to their traveling agenda. This usually includes planning on long term parking at the airport or asking friends or relatives for a ride. Other transportation such as out of area shuttles, taxi’s and limousine services can be expensive. Nevada County Airporter is a dedicated reservation service for Nevada County residents. Providing affordable transportation to regional airports, special destinations and Amtrak stations is the only focus of our business.


There are many benefits to using Nevada County Airporter. You will save the costs of long-term parking fees; we will negotiate the many traffic issues of traveling California roadways; you will save wear and tear on your vehicle; your will enjoy an air-conditioned, relaxing and comfortable ride to your destination; our service is door-to-door and 7 days a week. We like getting up early so meeting those ‘red-eye’ flights is not a problem for us.


You can feel secure when we meet your out of town guests and bring them right to their Nevada County destinations.

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